Are YOU with Us?

Taking "Boss" back.

My name is Talmar Anderson. I am the CEO & Founder of Boss Actions, LLC

I am part of a group of driven small business owners who know that success in our business comes from the RIGHT team for our company...RIGHT NOW.

While the rest of the world is hiring for potential, we know that our decision to hire is because we have a need TODAY. We don’t have time to TEACH anyone how to do the job. They need to bring experience, knowledge and the characteristics specific to our company and our role BEFORE they get offered the job. Before we will take the time to train them on HOW we make our clients happy.

Protect the Team. Expect from the team.

And we expect that any new team member we hire will have to be worthy of the rest of our rocking team and the company before we can even consider hiring them! They will have to prove to us they have what it takes to be successful in THIS role and in THIS company. That they will be rowing with our boat, dancing to the same tune and caring about the same priorities. Yep, we are even gonna make sure new hires LIKE what we do and what we will be asking them to do.

We own that it is our role, as the Boss, The Head Honcho, the entrepreneur and the visionary to define what success should look like and how each team member can find success in their roles.

And we are not willing to funnel tens of thousands of dollars every year to staffing and recruiting companies to save a few minutes on our calendar. We know that these companies will never know who will be right for our companies…unless we tell them what the right person will bring with them. Where is the time savings in that?

We are committed to build up our skills – hiring through Identifying, Attracting and Matching and mastering the Boss responsibilities of leading, managing and celebrating the success of our team and the company. Because we know that A Boss provides the tools. The team builds success.

We are Bosses and we are committed to building kick ass teams. Join us! 

It does NOT have to be soooo hard.

You do not have to roll your eyes at the thought of having to manage people.

You do not have to make every decision every second of every day for your company to be successful. 

You can enjoy who you work with every day. Boss on.


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Talmar Anderson - Hiring Strategist & Boss Best Practices Expert

As CEO & Founder of Boss Actions as well as the thought leader at The Boss Muse, her mission is to teach business owners that its does NOT have to be so hard to build, lead and celebrate with your own kick ass team. She is a published author, sought after speaker and is the creator of the renowned signature program Escape The Hiring Loop and the Boss Moves Master Class.

Speaking at entrepreneur conferences, business masterminds and private groups over the last 7 years, Talmar has also shared her message by being featured on a television show, podcast interviews and regular video webisodes. It is not about “cracking the whip” or suffering through the trials of entrepreneurship - in which you do it all - Talmar’s direct approach is relatable, creates real results, and inspires action in audiences at large

Honored to be selected as a 2020 Premier Success Coach for the 500,000 plus membership of the international organization eWomen Network, Talmar has also just completed serving as the 2017-2019 Chair for the George Mason University School of Business Women In Business Initiative Advisory Board. She currently serves on the board as the Vice President of the Pets for Vets - Washington DC chapter which is a not for profit that trains and matches rescue pets as companions for U.S. Veterans that suffer from invisible traumas ( such as PTSD). 

A recognized authority on installing predictable process, structuring organizations and coaching on best practices while inspiring action to free business owners from having their businesses be completely dependent upon them. She teaches leaders how to hire effectively so that they don’t have to make every decision every second of every day.